Silver Bear Announces The 2023 Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders Results

December 28, 2023

28 December 2023 – Toronto, Ontario – Silver Bear Resources Plc ("Silver Bear" or the "Company") (TSX: SBR) announces the voting results of its annual general and special meeting (the “Meeting”) held today in Moscow, Russia. A total of 424,457,739 ordinary shares were voted in connection with the Meeting, representing approximately 62.57% of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of the Company eligible to vote at the Meeting. The results of all matters considered at the Meeting are reported in the Report of Voting Results as filed by the Company on SEDAR+ at

Matter Voted On Votes FOR Votes
Number % Number %
All resolutions were passed unanimously on a show of hands.
Proxies were lodged for the resolutions as follows:
Ordinary Resolution 1 – Receiving the Financial Statements of the Corporation 420,930,806 99.99 53,000 0.01 3,573,833
Ordinary Resolution 2 – Appointing Auditors 423,939,351 99.88 518,398 0.12 0
Ordinary Resolution 3 – Approving Auditors’ Remuneration 420,826,406 99.99 57,500 0.01 3,573,833
Ordinary Resolution 4 – Re-electing Vadim Ilchuk as a director of the Corporation 420,789,663 99.98 94,243 0.02 3,573,833
Ordinary Resolution 5 – Re-electing Alexey Sotskov as a director of the Corporation 420,789,683 99.98 94,223 0.02 3,573,833
Ordinary Resolution 6 – Electing Nikolay Grigoriev as a director of the Corporation 420,790,283 99.98 93,623 0.02 3,573,833
Ordinary Resolution 7 – Authorising the allotment of shares of the Corporation 420,792,486 99.98 91,420 0.02 3,573,833
Ordinary Resolution 8 – Approving the Stock Option Plan 420,818,445 99.98 65,461 0.02 3,573,833
Special Resolution 9 – Approving the disapplication of pre-emptive rights 420,791,445 99.98 92,461 0.02 3,573,833


  1. Voting on all Resolutions at the Meeting was conducted by a show of hands. The voting results on these matters represent the proxy votes entitled to vote at the Meeting.

About Silver Bear

Silver Bear (TSX: SBR) is focused on the development of its wholly-owned Mangazeisky Silver Project, covering a licence area of approximately 570 km2 that includes the high-grade Vertikalny deposit, located 400 km north of Yakutsk in the Republic of Sakha within the Russian Federation. As of April 2018, the Company attained first silver production as a result of commissioning activities and on 1 July 2019 the Company achieved full commercial production. Other information relating to Silver Bear is available on SEDAR at as well as on the Company's website at

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Vadim Ilchuk
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